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Change a child's life

This option places a child with Approved Prospective Adopters and they become temporary foster carers, for the specific child, during the period of local authority care whilst decisions about the child’s future care is being made. If the court agrees that the child should be adopted and the adoption agency approves the ‘match’ between the carers as adopters and the child, the placement becomes an adoption placement.

The advantages for the child are:

  • They are placed with carers who may become their adopters, allowing early permanence
  • It avoids the damage caused by terminating temporary foster care relationships which they will have experienced as their primary parenting relationship
  • It allows the early months and years of the child’s life to be what most children need and expect

In what circumstances does Fostering for Adoption apply?

Where there is substantial evidence birth parents are unlikely to resolve their problemsand other family members are unable to care for the child.  This evidence will usually be where birth parents have had other children placed for adoption.

For a specific child, where the Local Authority recommends adoption but where the court has not yet confirmed its decision regarding the long term placement of the child, including approval for adoption; the placement is one of temporary foster care.

We must be transparent when making a FfA placement.  We must inform the court, the birth parents and all those who are directly involved in the child’s plan.  We must explain why we are making the placement and must acknowledge that the court may not approve adoption as the plan and the child may in the end return to the parent or be placed elsewhere.

Will I get Financial and Practical support?

Arrangements which apply in Adoption do not currently apply in Fostering, for example you are not entitled to Adoption Leave and Pay during the fostering phase. There are forthcoming changes to legislation to allow this and these are subject to parliament approval, expected to be implemented 2015.

You will be entitled to a Fostering Allowance and access to resources and services made available via the local authority for children in care and foster carers.  The local authority will discuss the specific arrangements that will apply in your circumstances.

When the court authorises the adoption, you will be assessed for adoption support by your agency and a new plan will be developed based on that assessment.

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