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Change a child's life

  1. You have a desire to give a child a family.

    You and your family want to provide a child with a loving home and family. This includes everything that makes a home a loving place to be and a family that is accepting. This desire includes the exchange of family traditions, the sharing of faith, and of memory making moments. It also means accepting the child for who they are - even their difficulties and understanding that the child has a history and heritage that also needs to be respected and embraced.

    So you are aware, it may be decided that where it is in their best interests there may be ongoing  Birth Family Contact . This can involve anything from occasional meetings with birth family members or ‘letterbox’ contact once or twice a year. As an adoptive parent, you will need to support your child with whatever arrangements are agreed for contact with their birth family.

  2. The desire to help a child move on in life.

    You have an interest in helping a child heal from past grief and pain, whether this comes from separation, abuse, neglect, or abandonment. You and your family want to help the child start a new life and know that there will be ups and downs with adoptive parenting and that everyone is prepared for these challenges. You will need to give your adopted child(ren) lots of individual time, understanding and support. Children who experience unmet physical and emotional needs early in life can have their later development adversely affected, perhaps requiring different parenting techniques to a birth child such as therapeutic parenting.

    Your child will also need your ongoing support to help them understand about their birth family and why they were adopted. You will need to be able to help discuss their history with them in a respectful way and highlight the positives in their past. That may sound daunting but there is plenty of support available.

  3. The ability to provide for another child in all ways.

    You want to share your home with a child and have the physical space for another child. You also have the time and the emotional space in your heart for a new family member. On a practical level, you will need to be able to support a child financially, though you don’t have to be wealthy or even be a homeowner. You can apply for tax credits and benefits to supplement your income when you adopt, and other financial help may also be available in the form of one-off or regular payments.

    When you first adopt one partner will be expected to take time off work for between six and twelve months to help the child settle in.

  4. The entire adoptive family agrees to the adoption.

    Everyone in the family agrees that adding to the home through adoption is the right thing to do and any children in the home are included and excited about the decision to adopt. Going through with an adoption when children in the home are not on board with the plan is not a good idea.

  5. The prospective adoptive parent knows an adoptee or an adoptive parent.

    Many prospective adoptive parents are motivated by others they know who are adopted or have adopted. This sparks within them a desire to learn more about adoption. It’s important to remember that while it’s wonderful that their friend or family member has brought out this interest in adoption, their adoption story will be different and adoption is not right for everyone.

  6. The prospective adoptive parent is an adoptee.

    It’s not uncommon for adoptees to want to adopt a child, especially if they were part of a happy and healthy adoptive family. Again, it’s important to remember that the adoptee’s, adoption experience as an adoptee is separate than that of the child being adopted. You will need to manage your expectations in regards to the adoption experience, the adoptive parent, and of the child.

  7. The adoptive family knows a child in need of a family.

    You and your family maybe aware of a child who needs an adoptive home. The child may be a family friend, a relative, or a child they met within the neighbourhood. Take time to learn about adoption as well as the child. You may be a perfect match for the child, or maybe not. Just make sure not to adopt the child for the wrong reason.

Although we want to help individual adults and couples to achieve the family life they desire, our fundamental purpose is to meet the requirements of children currently in need of adoption in Torbay and the south west region. 

Adoption is a lifelong commitment requiring skill, empathy, energy, patience - and a sense of humour! But there can be no greater reward than transforming a child’s life forever and building a happy, fulfilled family.

Watch our film to see all the different kinds of people who can adopt and make a difference.

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