Torbay Adoption Service


Change a child's life

It is important to point out that whilst most people may feel that an ‘ideal’ child for them would be one as young as possible, all children will have suffered harm to some degree. No child is left un-traumatised by either the abuse they have suffered, or the very fact of being removed from their birth family.

One of the positive sides about taking a slightly older child is that we have some idea what the effect of that trauma has been. We know if there has been an effect on development, and on their personality, which may remain unknown for some time with a younger child. School age children can often understand the process that is happening for them, and can ‘buy-in’ to the understanding of having a new family that can look after them whilst they grow up. For younger children it is a process that is done to them in many ways.

The only thing we ask is that you think about whether you have the capacity to consider a school age child - and we are very keen to hear from you if you think you can.

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