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Change a child's life

Children can only be placed for adoption when the Local Authority has legal authority to place which can be obtained in two ways:

  • by the consent of the birth parent, or
  • when a Placement Order is made by Court.

Very few children are now voluntarily given up for adoption. The children waiting for adoption have usually been placed in care by the Court because they have suffered, or are likely to suffer, significant harm. Efforts are made to help families so that their child/ren can return to them, but if this is not possible, then adoption is usually the best plan to give the child a secure future. The Court will then make a Placement Order to authorise the child’s placement for adoption.

What sort of children need adoption

There has been a major change in adoption in recent years, so that nowadays there are very few babies available for adoption. The children that we are typically seeking adoptive homes for:

  • May be school age children aged 4 to 10 years or even older who are already in the care system and cannot live with their own birth families or extended family
  • Are from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds who need families who can promote their particular background
  • May be part of a sibling group and want to be adopted with their brothers and sisters

Children with Additional Needs

Children with additional needs need caring and sensitive new parents and we offer extensive support to help all adopters to understand and accommodate for the needs of each child. These children:

  • May have some kind of medical condition or disability
  • May have had a difficult start to life, including neglect or abuse
  • May sometimes have challenging behaviour
  • Will have had at least one move to a foster home

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