Torbay Adoption Service


Change a child's life

They will have regular assessment visits with you in your home. During this time the social worker discusses your life in more detail and gets to know you and your family and spends time helping you think about what your motivation to adopt is and what strengths you could bring to adoptive parenting.

Remember, the whole process is focused on finding the right homes for the children in care, so understanding the kinds of children you could support is very important. The training and assessment part of the adoption process aims to:

  • give you the skills you need to be an adoptive parent
  • to confirm that you have the resilience and emotional maturity to be a good parent and
  • establish that you have a good support network around you in friends and family.

At the end of Stage Two, your social worker will produce a report. The report includes a detailed assessment of you as a potential adoptive parent, the results of the checks and references as well as detail about the sort of child or children you feel you could adopt.

Adoption Panel

The final part of Stage Two is the Adoption Panel. The Panel will make a decision about whether they are going to recommend you as an adoptive parent.

Our Agency Decision Maker will then decide whether you are an approved adopter.

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