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Change a child's life

The needs of both you and the children looking for parents matter here, so this means trying to find who you may be suitable to parent. Local Authority agencies are responsible for finding adoptive parents for the children in their care, but they are also often looking for parents in another area, especially if moving away from their birth family is in the best interests of the child.

Whilst we need adoptive families for children, we would not usually be looking, due to the limited geographical area, to place these children with prospective adopters who live in Torbay.

Thankfully there are several ways of expanding your search to find the right child(ren) for you. We will work with nearby local authorities to try and find the child(ren) that would be best cared for by you and your family.

Your Social Worker will support you all the way as you explore the children waiting for adoption and decide which child is right for you.

Some agencies will arrange an events day to give you an opportunity to spend time with some of the children who need placements and engage with them in a fun environment. Find out more about Adoption Activity Days.

Details of Approved Torbay adopters will be forwarded to the South West Adoption Consortium (SWAC) to see if there is a child in another local authority in the South West.

You will also get invited to Exchange Days, which are days where adoption consortium get together to feature children in one place, and approved adopters are invited to attend and discuss the children directly with the Social Workers and Foster Carers. There are approximately four Exchange Days in the South West annually, plus others set up by the Adoption Register in London, Manchester, and the Midlands throughout the year.

If you have not been matched with a child within three months, your agency must place your details on the National Adoption Register. This register holds information on children waiting to be adopted throughout England and Wales and of approved prospective adopters who are available and able to meet the needs of different children. You can also refer yourself to the register three months after getting approval to adopt.

Adoption Link is a live system that allows adopters and family-finders to add profiles online and search for potential links. Adopters can receive enquiries from social workers through the system, and make their own enquiries about children. Adoption Link is run by adoptive parents, and operates across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Approved adopters can make their profiles available free of charge, including photos and video.

Children Who Wait and Be My Parent are magazines run by Adoption UK and BAAF with profiles of children from all over the country who are looking for adoptive parents. You may need to be an approved prospective adopter to access all the features of these websites, but the magazines are a helpful way to find out about children who are looking for adoptive parents from around the UK. Both also run an online service where you may find videos and additional information on the children.

Your Social Worker will also receive profiles of children from other Adoption Agencies across the UK, which they can pass onto you. 

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