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Change a child's life

You and your child(ren) will be supported by a social worker as you get to know each other through introductions, start living together and become a family.

Introduction timescales vary in length, depending on the ages of the child(ren), any other child(ren) living with the adopters, sibling group size, and attachment issues. There is no one-rule fits all. If the initial visits between you, the child and their foster parent have gone well then the child will come and visit you in your home. These visits, supported by a social worker, will be built up over time at a pace that is right for both you and the child.

The arrival of a new child is a time of significant change for your whole family. During this period of learning to live together a social worker will continue to visit you and support you and your child until the time feels right to apply to the court for an Adoption Order.

You will be eligible to take statutory Adoption Leave and Pay (unless you are self-employed). This means you can take time to get to know your child and build the rhythms of family life.

We usually recommend that adoptive parents spend a minimum of six months at home when a child is first placed, depending on the child’s age, in order to help you to get to know each other. This enables you to begin to build a trusting relationship with your child and encourages emotional bonds to develop.

Adoption Order

The minimum period before applying for an Adoption Order is 10 weeks, but many families are helped by a longer period of adjustment and value the continued support of social workers during this time.

Once you have applied for an Adoption Order and this is granted by the court, the child is legally adopted by you and the child is now a full member of your family!

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