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Change a child's life

Thankfully there is a lot you can do at the beginning of your journey to understand the road ahead.


There is a lot of information available explaining the adoption process and talking about what it is like to be an adoptive parent. Read our explanation of the adoption process, along with first-hand accounts from people who have become parents through adoption. If you’re looking for books on adoption, take a look at our list of recommended publications for ideas. Remember you don’t have to read them all!!

Speak To Our Advisers

Reading about parenting, about being an adoptive parent and about the adoption process will help you feel prepared for the road ahead. When you have questions, call us on 01803 207870. Everyone involved in this process will want to help you decide if being an adoptive parent is right for you.

Even if you are not at all sure you are ready to apply to be an adoptive parent. We hold information meetings explaining adoption in detail or you can request a home visit from an Adoption Worker.

Online Resources

Take a look at this  Interactive Guide  to help you understand if you meet the initial criteria. First4Adoption have also developed some e-Learning Modules  to give you a deeper understanding of the rewards and challenges of adoptive parenting. Other resources are available at:

We are looking for people who are likely to become good adopters, and ultimately offer a home.  We as with other adoption agencies will also consider other areas in assessing how you can meet the lifelong needs of an adoptive child, find out more in Can I adopt?. 

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